When I’m asked what I plan to do after I graduate

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The upside of research: you get to tackle problems nobody has tackled before

The downside of research: you have to tackle problems nobody has tackled before

In academia, saying “We should write a paper together!” is the same as saying “You should come over sometime!”

It never happens.

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Student Malapropisms

Welcome to the wondrous world of undergraduate writing.

I am currently reviewing over one hundred essays written by introductory biology students. While there are many forms of “creative” writing to be enjoyed in this process – from Pollack-esque punctuation to death-defying grammatical gymnastics – my favorite of all are the malapropisms. This site is dedicated to honoring these delightful moments of guinness. I mean, genius.


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Modernized Space Camp Allows Kids To Simulate Frustration Over Lack Of Funding

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